When do you need Femilift?

Millions of women suffer from the same condition due to childbirth, age or a variety of other reasons that have caused the muscles and ligaments of their pelvic walls to “collapse”.

Laser vaginal rejuvenation comprises a number of laser-assisted procedures designed to improve the structure of the loose vagina .

Treatment Procedure

Femilift laser for the treatment of vaginal tightening effect on the vaginal mucosa instrument, muscular stimulation of the lamina propria and muscle layer of the fiber cell regeneration, and damaged collagen fibers, elastic fibers, such as remodeling vaginal wall thickening, vaginal tighten and reduce vaginal dryness and repeated infections.

  • disinfected gauze to remove excess mucus
  • wearing glasses
  • hand with smear alma lubricants, inserted into the vagina until resistance is feeling
  • step on the pedal, emitting laser (repeat 2-3 times)
  • According to the organization, and the patient is expected to adjust treatment parameters
  • gentle wipe tissue after treatment with gauze pieces

What Special?

Trauma without having to leave

  • 9 * 9 as speed mode, like speed point between normal tissue retention.
  • heat spread evenly, avoiding thermal damage.
  • trauma, without leave.

Disposable sterile laser tube unique design

  • disposable sterile laser tube unique design.
  • single person single use, to avoid cross-infection.
  • respond to general patient attention to hygienic.


Method Femilift ER Surgery Injection Pills
Overall improvement
(tightening, lubrication feel)
+++ + +++ + +
Long Lasting +++ + +++ + +
No noxious +++ +++ - + +++
High rate of return +++ + - + +
No side effects +++ +++ - - -

We know that many of the advantages of these procedures: the treatment is painless, non-invasive, real-time discharge, a high percentage of successful efficiency, faster recovery, will not affect the normal activities of the patient. By our research group established a protocol together with Emma. If professional use, for possible complications are almost non-existent.

Professor Gabriel Alberto Femopase                      
University of Cordoba                      
Argentina (UNC)

Incontinence Treatment Effect

Alma Lasers (Hong Kong) Limited is the only Israeli Emma laser distributor in Hong Kong. Providing non-invasive medical devices vaginal tightening by the Hong Kong maternity specialist in charge, private orthopedic and urinary incontinence after the primary treatment of female fertility. Recover faster, more secure than traditional therapy, gynecology Urology Surgery is definitely top laser therapy equipment.


Patient response after two treatments had significant improvement


Patients were followed for one year, after three treatments,
incontinence symptoms disappeared completely

Satisfaction after Treatment

Satisfaction after Treatment
  1 2 3 4 5
After 1st Treatment        
After 2nd Treatment        
After 3rd Treatment        

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Those suitable for the treatment? Those not ??

A. 18 years of age or health of women with vaginal dryness, urinary incontinence, flora and other symptoms do the treatment . Especially after a vaginal birth or for low estrogen levels caused by loose women. HIV, hepatitis B and other pathological changes; vaginal infections, pregnancy, menstruation days not do the treatment.

Q. Treatment hurt? Probably need more time?

A. Treatment is completely painless, very safe, and no side effects, the treatment only 15 minutes to complete.

Q. How long does the effect take?

A. As a result of the CO2 laser, it has a perfect wavelength and gold stripping ratio of the thermal effect of the penetration depth and thermal effects into account, the effect is sustainable over 2 years!

Q.Will treatment affect fertility?

A. Not! Because the surgery different, Femilift Laser enables the proliferation of collagen fibers, etc., so that the vaginal tissue remodeling to restore to normal, so it will not affect fertility.

Q. Treatment safe? Would not cause infection?

A. Treatment effect Femilift been recognized by many experts, doctors according to the patient's condition, precision adjustable parameters, set the best method of treatment, the treatment process painless, no vacations, very safe. Due to the unique disposable sterile laser casing design, will not cause infection.

Q. What are the symptoms that can not be treated?

A. With laser allergy, photographic sensitive patients taking photosensitizer patients with acute infection, papilloma virus, herpes virus infections diabetes, tumors, pregnancy.