Femilift laser vaginal tightening treatment equipment

Its precision and innovation provides a non-invasive treatment for urinary incontinence in patients with vaginal relaxation and moderate severity. Painless and without surgery. Immediately postoperative activity, even immediately resume sexual life, thereby improving their quality of life, enhance self-esteem and self-confidence.                 

  • laser treatment without surgery
  • vaginal tightening and reduce stress incontinence
  • deep penetrating, powerful tightening
  • effects of long duration
  • painless, no vacation
  • health and safety, to avoid cross-infection
  • Simple operation, just 15 minutes

Why CO2 laser?

  • have a perfect exfoliation and heat ratio.
  • non-ablative laser, only heat.

CE Certified - Safe and Reliable

We introduce the world's most advanced treatment techniques and laser equipment. All medical devices possess medical reports and clinical trials, with the U.S. FDA certificate, CE certificate and other professional qualifications.

U.S. FDA Certificate

CE Certificate